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  • Dot
    Dot "Get back in line!" Hebert
  • Vic
    Vic "The Slice" Clarke
  • Ron
    Ron "Stone Crusher" Wiik
  • Dan
    Dan "Gozinta" McCarthy
  • Mike
    Mike "The Bowled and the Dutiful" Traynor
  • Chip
    Chip "Cheeses! He's Sauced!" Hebert
  • Pat
    Pat "Doh!" Traynor
  • Dough
    The sea of dough...
  • Danandcrowd
    Dan on crowd control
  • Masterpiece
    Another masterpiece
  • Peanutgallery
    The Peanut Gallery
  • Twopizzas
    Ready for public consumption
  • Uhoh
    Uh-oh... Let's just fold it and call it a calzone.
  • Welloiledteam
    A well-oiled team. (Cooler full of oil not shown)